Culture Shock

In one artist's world, pop culture collides with the highbrow art-history ethos; in another's, rough-hewn, featureless working people move in patches of pure color; still another mixes media with ferocious zeal and holds it all together with a stake of dark humor. Local artists Carlos Frésquez, Tony Ortega and Jerry De La Cruz all work both within and (ultimately) without the realm of Chicano art, which makes one question the moniker of their new three-man show: Una Cultura, Tres Voces, which opens today at the William Havu Gallery. Isn't it time we let them grow up as artists?

Take this as an opportunity to give each his individual due. Una Cultura continues through June 2 at Havu, 1040 Cherokee Street; for details, call 303-893-2360 or visit


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