December to Remember

Years and years ago, when I was a boy, when my family shared one telephone, when my grandfather snuck me tastes of beer, when my dad dressed as Santa Claus and we sat on his lap even when we knew it was him, before the Internet, before texting, before the wheel, before pocket-sized cell phones and HDTV, it sometimes snowed and snowed.

Had Dylan Thomas grown up in my family, this is how A Child's Christmas in Pennsylvania might have sounded. Luckily, he grew up in Wales, where snowball fights, cigar-scented uncles, drunken aunts and holiday carols slipped themselves eternally into the stockings of his mind. Tonight, starting at 7 p.m. in the University of Colorado at Boulder's University Theatre, A Child's Christmas in Wales takes you along on a nostalgic holiday experience — from ever-present snowball fights to crazy relatives and the all-around wonder of being a child at Christmas.

According to PR/marketing director Mell McDonnell, "It's really about the magic that we endow past experiences with through memory. As our director, Phil Sneed, said: 'It's great for children and anyone who's ever been a child.'" Tickets range from $14 to $54; for more information, check out or call 303-492-0554.
Dec. 7-24, 2007


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