Denver County Fair announces time and place

Denver County Fair announces time and place

Local events promoter Dana Cain has locked down the time and place for the brand-new Denver County Fair. The event, envisioned as a hip, urban version of the classic rural-style county fair, will be held July 28-31 at the National Western Stock Show complex.

Cain and cohorts Chandler Romeo and Tracy Weil announced the idea for a fair last September (Off Limits, second item), saying Denver was one of the only Colorado counties without one.

Denver County Fair announces time and place

"Our rodeo won't involve animals. It will be done on skateboards and bicycles," Cain said then. Other activities will include competitive baking, competitive eating, a craft show, an art show, a freak show.

And chickens. "The perfect thing about the timing is that chickens just became legal in Denver this year -- chickens and goats and beekeeping," Cain pointed out.

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