Denver is Hot

Denver’s made the national news a lot over the past year, whether for last summer’s wildfires, the Aurora theater shootings or the legalization of marijuana. Inspired by these events and looking for a way to process them through art, the Damsels Dance Company created Denver on Fire: A Social Commentary Through Dance. Combining real news footage with original dance, the three-part show reflects on everything from the tragedies to celebrating the legalization of civil unions.

“We hear about these things, but we forget so quickly when it’s not on the news anymore,” says Damsels artistic director Katrina Lairsmith. “I want to sort of keep it in people’s minds that these things have happened, but ultimately we’ve tried to come through as a community and help as much as we possibly can.” In that same spirit, proceeds from ticket sales will support the Damsels Scholarship Fund, which helps young women pay for dance training.

Denver on Fire opens tonight at 6 p.m. at the Avenue Theater, 417 East 17th Avenue, with performances at the same time tomorrow and Wednesday. Tickets, $20, are available at the door; for more information, visit or call 303-257-5049.
May 20-22, 6 p.m., 2013


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