Denver's five best zombie moments of 2012

Denver's five best zombie moments of 2012
Aaron Thackeray

Every year, there are more and more zombie events in Denver. Zombie crawls, zombie balls, zombie burlesque, zombie proms, zombie car washes... it never stops. For those of us who can't get enough zombie action, it's like Christmas came early and often, only with more flesh-eating and less tinsel. For the rest of you, who are sick to death of zombies... well, we've got nothing for you. Maybe you'd like some werewolves better? In any case, as the year is coming to a close, we thought it was high time to look back at some of the year's best zombie moments.

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5) Denver gets another look at The Revenant Smart, subversive horror comedy doesn't come around every day. Hell, we're lucky if we get a great one once a decade, really. So when The Revenant, one of the best, most criminally underrated horror/action/comedy/buddy flicks in years, hit the Starz Film Festival a few years back, it seemed like a lock to be the next cult classic once it received a wider release. Then... crickets. It continued to make the rounds of the festival circuit, but never found a distributor to give it a home. Finally, this year it received limited distribution, opening in a handful of cities nationwide. Luckily for Denver, we were one of those cities (thanks, Keith Garcia!). Before it opened here, we talked to director D. Kerry Prior about his weird zombie/vampire hybrid and his film's trouble finding a home. Oh, and if you still missed it, at least now you can finally buy it on DVD.

4) Yet another great Denver Zombie Crawl Denver's zombie crawl celebrated its seventh successful year, with no signs of slowing down. Thousands of undead aficionados swarmed the mall in all their gory glory solely to show their love of walking dead. Even if you're not the kind to dress up as a blood-spattered animated corpse and prowl the 16th Street Mall, think of it as performing an all-important public service of helping desensitize people to the presence of zombies, just in case that zombie apocalypse ever does happen. It also made for one hell of a great slide show (or just hit the highlights in this photo post).

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