If you were the type of kid to rip the heads and arms off G.I. Joes and swap out parts with other toys, then DIY or Die is specifically catered to you. The art show is all about showcasing the hand built and self-designed toys of artists around town.

“After we did the first one of these with Kidrobot’s Munnys, we saw what people could do,” says Plastic Chapel co-owner Dea Webb. “Seeing everyone’s take on them made us want to open it up more.” Open it up they did, putting out a call to artists for any type of toy. That means there will be more than Munnys, which are essentially a blank canvas for toy designers, including a whole collection of different toys mashed up, improved upon and manipulated. The crowd will have a chance to vote for their favorite toy, and the winning designer will walk away with a prize.

DIY or Die starts tonight at 7 p.m. and runs through April 8 at Plastic Chapel, 3109 East Colfax Avenue, and the Shoppe, 3103 East Colfax Avenue; admission is free. For more information call 303-722-0715 or visit
March 12-April 8, 2011


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