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The DocuWest Documentary Film Festival, which got its start just three years ago, has already grown -- not only in the number of films submitted, but also in its reputation as a go-to documentary festival.

"The selection is really important to us," says festival founder and artistic director Wade Gardner. "For one, we want to help foster and encourage filmmakers, but we also want to look for new talent in the scene." More than double the number of films were submitted this year, and the festival will boast over fifty documentaries -- many of which have already brought home prestigious awards -- in a variety of styles. "We've seen documentaries grow from talking heads to full narratives," notes Gardner. "People can really invest time in the story now." The diversity isn't just in style; it's also in length, with short films and feature-lengths spotlighted throughout the festival.

DocuWest opens at 7 p.m. tonight and runs through September 11 at a variety of theaters in Golden, Denver and Boulder; tickets are $7 per show, or $50 for a VIP pass to the whole festival. For more information, including a list of films and venues, visit or call Foothills Art Center at 303-279-3922.
Sept. 7-11, 2011


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