Earth Mother

You might suppose that environmental artist Lita Albuquerque, who's slung giant blue orbs across the barren landscape of the North and South poles to create "Stellar Axis," a kind of earth-sky star map on ice, has a bit of a Zeus complex.

But, in fact, the project comprised the very human aim of understanding our place in the universe. And her huge blue pigment shadow-dots on the desert surrounding the Great Pyramids in Egypt? Much the same. Strangely beautiful, the blue circles became as timeless as the manmade wonders they encircled, both joined to and separate from the natural landscape. If you're familiar with the illustrations of Peter Sis, it's as if one of those came to life.

The Tunisian-born Albuquerque no doubt has a fascinating story to tell, and she'll do so this evening as part of the University of Colorado's Visiting Artist Lecture Series, beginning at 7 p.m. in room 155 of the Fleming Law Building on the Boulder campus. Admission is free; for information, visit or call 303-492-2539.
Tue., March 4, 2008


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