El Niño's back: Big snow for Colorado in 2009-10?
Map courtesy the National Weather Service

El Niño's back: Big snow for Colorado in 2009-10?

El Niño, the atmospheric condition characterized by warmer Pacific waters, is back. That means we'll probably get more early- and late-season dumps in the Rockies. As the above map indicates, it also means we have an equal chance of having above normal, normal, and below normal snowfall this winter. Yeah, I know. Not much of a forecast.

But the phenomenon typically makes for more overall snow; almost half of big storms on the Front Range came in the past half-century's worth of Los Niños. This article from UCAR in Boulder does a better job of explaining the ramifications of El Niño in Colorado than I ever could.

For my part in furthering intellectual discourse on the subject, I offer Chris Farley:


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