Fab Fete

Musically, the Beatles were my first love, a launching pad into the reeling ethos of ’60s music and all that followed. As I ventured far from Meet the Beatles and Sgt. Pepper’s into the pop frontier and beyond, I never forgot John, Paul, George and Ringo — but I wasn’t consumed by them, either. I’ve come around, though. Now, as my daughter listens to the Beatles with fresh ears, I follow suit, wondering if anyone could have known back then how timeless a tune like “Eleanor Rigby” would remain, years later.

I think a lot of folks feel the same returning pull of that old, primeval gravity, and that’s why the annual Beatles Sing-Along led by music trivia master Jim Bernath endures in the 21st century: It’s damn fun to sing Beatles songs out loud with others of your kind. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Scheduled each year to coincide with the anniversary of John Lennon’s death, the free sing-along begins today at 2 p.m. at the Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street; Bernath provides lyric sheets and hosts the proceedings. All you need to bring is your heart and a strong voice; for details, call the Merc at 303-294-9281.
Sun., Dec. 6, 2 p.m., 2009


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