Festival for the Rest of Us

You can leave your 3D glasses behind this weekend if you go to the fourth annual Festivus Film Festival, which takes over the Oriental and Bug theaters for three days and showcases more than sixty independent films. “We wanted to create something that focused on real indie films,” says festival director Johnathan McFarlane. “It seems like a lot of festivals around the country are poorly organized and poorly advertised, so we wanted to do it right.”

The festival will highlight the best in indie filmmaking, with blocks of time dedicated to shorts, local filmmakers and more; many are being screened for the first time in Colorado. A number of the filmmakers will be in town as well, doing question-and-answer sessions after their films and hanging out at various parties. Screenings start tonight at 6:45 p.m. and runs though Sunday. A pass for the whole festival, as well as the Filmmaker Lounge, will run $50; day passes are $20, and single screenings are $8. For complete venue, schedule and ticket information, visit www.festivusfilmfestival.com.
Sat., Jan. 16; Thu., Jan. 13, 2010


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