Fine art impacts Denver street style

Fine art impacts Denver street style

Name:Megan Petasky Spotted: Selling illustrations at the First Friday Art Walk in Denver's Art District on Santa Fe on April 6. Profession: Senior at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, freelance illustrator Favorite film:Somewhere I love [director] Gregg Araki's films. iPod favorites: Nero, Placebo, Lady Gaga, Lights, Justice, IAMX and Yes. Style inspirations/ icons:I appreciate Lady Gaga's and Cruella de Vil's style, which is quite fabulous. Damon Baker, who wears a black fur coat with leather leggings, platforms and sunglasses is British and super lanky, and wins my complete adoration. He started out with nothing and became really a successful photographer, which is really inspiring to me. Favorite accessory: My choker collar that I bought from The Crypt, and my circular sunglasses Style mantra: Black and basic. I only buy black clothing. Right now I wear black pleather leggings every day.

Check out more of Megan Petasky's artwork here.  

Fine art impacts Denver street style

Name: Issac Soria Spotted at: 16th and California streets Profession: Denver Art Museum coordinator Favorite film: Don't have one iPod favorites: Currently listening to DJ Tracy Young's podcast Fashion inspirations/icons: I don't really model my style on anyone else. I make my own choices. Favorite accessory: Bags; I own at least eight Style mantra: I like to pick and choose what items to splurge on. I love accessories like sunglasses, bags, and shoes, so I spend more on what I think is important.

Fine art impacts Denver street style

Style analysis: Living and breathing art can breed creativity, as reflected in well thought-out images -- and we get to witness the benefits. Megan is inspired by villainous characters, while Issac shells out for Gucci shades, Dolce and Gabbana electric blue sneakers, and a Ralph Lauren tote bag. The devil, and the fun, is in the details.

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