Five Cool Things in Montbello/Green Valley Ranch

The Montbello Drum Line is the pride of Montbello High School.
The Montbello Drum Line is the pride of Montbello High School.
Nick Callaio

Montbello and Green Valley Ranch: Never been there? The far northeastern Denver districts out by the airport do seem to be worlds unto themselves, cut off from the rest of us by parcels of Aurora and Adams County, and that’s why Denver’s civic health club, Warm Cookies of the Revolution, is holding the latest installment of its monthly Stompin’ Ground Games neighborhoods celebration out there on Saturday, January 9. Get ready for the games with our list of five reasons to take a good look at the area:

Five Cool Things in Montbello/Green Valley Ranch
Mark Manger

African Grill and Bar
18601 Green Valley Ranch Blvd #101

Osei and Adwoa Ford-Wuo opened this second outpost of their Best of Denver-winning Aurora temple to West African cuisine a few years ago, and it’s fast become a place to meet and eat, even if you don’t always know what it is that you’re eating. They’ll tell you all about those ingredients — plantain, cassava and goat, which really aren’t all that mysterious — and show you how to properly eat the exotic soups and stews, as well as some great fried chicken. African Grill also hosts African dance nights and happy hours with African music. You can get a real taste of the place when the restaurant hosts this month’s edition of the Stompin’ Games.

Five Cool Things in Montbello/Green Valley Ranch
Montebello Barbers

Montbello Barbers
4848 Chambers Road

Remember that movie Barbershop? Minus the cinematic drama, Montbello Barbers could be a local outpost of the shop in that film, which served not only as a place to get a haircut, but also as a community seat, where men could gather and talk openly about life and cultural issues. Montbello also doubles as a meeting place for Shop Talk Live, a local initiative led by poet Theo Wilson, which brings together community members to discuss issues affecting their neighborhood. Come to think of it, it’s a mini-version of what goes on all the time at Warm Cookies of the Revolution, so it makes perfect sense for the two organizations to team up for the games in Montbello and Green Valley Ranch, where you’ll meet both Wilson and barbershop owner Greg Allen. Learn more about Shop Talk Live online.

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