Five Scary Documentaries That Will Give You Nightmares

Cropsey follows the real-life boogieman who terrorized Staten Island.
Cropsey follows the real-life boogieman who terrorized Staten Island.

"Based on a true story" are the scariest words that can appear in a horror movie. While Freddie and Jason may haunt our nightmares, there are real monsters that walk among us. That's why documentaries that tell true, terrifying tales can be more frightening than fiction. Here are our five favorite scary documentaries.

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5) Cropsey (2009) The escaped mental patient is the focus of some of the most popular stories told around campfires. But what if those stories are true? This film sets out to explore the urban legend of "Cropsey," and then moves into the chilling tale of real-life boogieman Andre Rand, who preyed on the children of Staten Island. The horrific acts committed by Rand and the tremendous fear of the community affected by his crimes makes] Cropsey a blood-curdling movie that you can only wish was fake.

4) My Amityville Horror (2013) In the '70s, a newlywed couple with three children moved into a house in Amityville, New York. Over the next 28 days, the family was tormented by paranormal elements, including poltergeists and demons. From that story came The Amityville Horror, a film franchise spanning twelve movies that started in 1979 and continues today. Over forty years after the initial incident, one of the children is speaking out about his experience: Daniel Lutz is the center of My Amityville Horror, in which he talks with unflinching certainty about the terrors of his childhood. This spell-binding documentary might make you question what really took place in that house, but Lutz's testimony is compelling...and scary.

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