Five toy train enthusiasts who are cooler than you

Five toy train enthusiasts who are cooler than you

When you think cool, you probably don't think of toy trains. Indeed, you probably picture the toy-train enthusiast as a portly, avuncular loner with way too much knowledge of railroad history and an even greater willingness to share that knowledge with anyone who will sit still long enough for him to divulge it (Cliff Clavin, basically).

But that's not true (entirely). There are loads of ultra-cool people who love them some toy trains, and you might even meet some of them at this weekend's Rocky Mountain Toy Train Show at the Denver Merchandise Mart. Still think you're too cool for the show? We'll prove you wrong with this list of five people who love toy trains and are definitely cooler than you.

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5. Neil Young

Neil Young loved toy trains so much that he bought the company! That's right, Neil Young was a part-owner of Lionel, one of the biggest toy train manufacturers out there. He also invented a number of train-control technologies, while also making rock-and-roll history as one of the all-time great singer, songwriter and guitarists.

Reason he's cooler than you: He's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You are not.

4. Gary Coleman

The former child star was a model-train enthusiast, and it only makes sense that he would like miniature things. for a while, he worked here in Denver at Caboose Hobbies and had one of his layouts featured in the September 1990 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman.

Reason he's cooler than you: His catchphrase was known and beloved by millions, even to this day. How's your catchphrase doing?

3. Winston Churchill

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England's greatest leader of modern times wasn't above getting down on his hands and knees and playing with toy trains. According to a charming story related by his grandson, he even liked to make his trains crash. Mussolini might have made the trains run on time, but Churchill wasn't afraid to fuck them up, and look who won World War II.

Reason he's cooler than you: He was one of the key figures who lead the Allies to victory in WWII. You've never gotten close to WWII than a game of Call of Duty.

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