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If you like your backcountry riding videos shot in high definition, using gorgeous framing and impeccable cinematography; featuring the talents of an array of backcountry experts; filmed in British Columbia, Alaska and Silverton, Colorado; interlaced with tidbits of mountain history spoken by the people who actually lived through it; and carried upon the sounds of original deep-country blues, then you won’t want to miss Hand Cut, the latest effort from the Colorado-based filmmakers behind Sweetgrass Productions.

After all, before most of our mountain resort towns were known for the fantastic snow, they were small mining communities. Director Nick Waggoner — who made the film during his senior year at Colorado College — includes the voices of several old-timers who knew and loved the mountains before backcountry enthusiasts discovered them.

Hand Cut features the talents of Nick DeVore, Jacqui Edgerly, Kevin Hjertaas, Colin Puskas, Charlie Cannon, John Chilton, Lisa Korthals and Marie-Claud Larivee, with music by John-Alex Mason. It screens tonight at 7 p.m. at the Oriental Theater, 4335 West 44th Avenue. For information, call 303-455-2124 or visit www.theorientaltheater.com; to learn more about Hand Cut, visit www.sweetgrassproductions.com.
Thu., Oct. 2, 7 p.m., 2008


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