Flip Your Lid

Drink specials were pretty much the best thing about college. Flip cup was a close second. Also known as "flippy cup," "tippy cup" and "boat races," this tabletop game of speed and agility pits two teams of up to five players against each other in what is essentially a relay race to inebriation. The object? Be the first team to consecutively slam your beers and flip your cups over from ass to mouth by gently tapping the cup's bottom. Sounds simple, no? Just try mastering the one-flip while sober, let alone after ten or twenty rounds.

But seriously: Try it every first Tuesday of the month at the Front Porch, 1215 15th Street, when the bar (already known for its awesome drink specials) hosts 10:30 p.m. Flip Cup Tournaments. All you need is three or four other people and the foresight to take a cab home. Register at the bar. Get more info at www.frontporchdenver.com or 303-825-3516.
First Tuesday of every month, 10:30 p.m., 2007


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