Flirty, Sex-y, Money

Flirty, Sex-y, Money

Apparently, Harrison Ford isn’t the only movie star who just seems to get sexier with age.

Movie theaters all across Denver (probably the country) were sold out to hundreds of Sex-crazed fans, all dressed to the nines this Friday. According to the Los Angeles Times, Sex and the City opened at number #1 this weekend and to the tune of $55.7 million dollars. That’s almost double what Warner Brothers had originally projected. No small feat for any romantic comedy, let alone one with an R rating.

Take a look at a few of the bombshells celebrating the SATC’s opening night at Cherry Creek Cinemas.

Eat your heart out, “Indy.”

- Steven J. Burge

Flirty, Sex-y, Money
Flirty, Sex-y, Money
Flirty, Sex-y, Money

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