Food for Thought

Everyone knows where to go for great road food, right? At off-ramp diners, backwoods barbecue shacks, street-corner burger joints and anywhere along the highway that's built in the shape of something other than a restaurant — a tepee, a dinosaur, a giant banana, what have you. From blue-plate meatloaf to icebox pie, great road food is where you find it, and today — strangely enough — you can get your road-food fix at, of all places, the Denver Public Library.

Yep, you read right: the library, where, for the past couple of weeks, folks have been able to sample everything from Mexican cream puffs to German potato pancakes as the DPL works through its summer Roadside Attractions program. This morning, from 10:30 a.m. until noon in the B2 Conference Center (a perfect road-food environment if I've ever heard of one), Steuben's chefs Matt Selby and Brandon Biederman will demonstrate (and offer samples of) their lobster rolls and gazpacho — excellent summer tastes from a couple of guys who have gone to great lengths to make sure their lobster roll is the best you're going to find without a rental car, a gas card and a map of coastal Maine fishing villages.

The event is free and open to the public, and samples and recipes will be provided. For more info on Steuben's, the library and the entire summer schedule of Roadside Attractions events, check out


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