Form & Fiction

Space Gallery (765 Santa Fe Drive, 303-623-1448) is one of a trio of connected art spaces; the other two are DEN Gallery (757 1/2 Santa Fe Drive, 303-507-6100), which is accessed through a passageway, and, up that dramatic staircase, KOUBOU a Deux (757 1/2 Santa Fe Drive, 720-203-1944). The three spots have just unveiled their latest offerings this past weekend.

Space is hosting FORM & FICTION, an abstract group show. First up are Haze Diedrich's paintings, in which the principal device is the straight line. However, his lines are not hard-edged, but instead have an expressive sloppiness. The second artist is Francesc Burgos, a ceramic sculptor whose small pieces take the form of simple shapes made of impressively thin sheets of clay. The last artist, Jeff Juhlin, makes elegant constructivist pieces using an arte povera approach: He attaches slabs of metal onto crudely painted panels.

In the DEN is REMASTERED, a Sean Rozales solo made up of photo-based digital prints on canvas that combine his own photos with found ideas and images. Rozales, a Denver native, is interested in exploring his Chicano identity by responding to old and modern masters, hence the show's title.

Up the stairs in KOUBOU a Deux is The Modern Muybridge Series, a clever show featuring recent work by Rodney Wallace, who runs the place. Eadweard Muybridge, a pioneer of scientific photography, took sequential photos of people and animals in motion. Free association connects them to Warhol's repetitious imagery, and that's what Wallace is doing, simultaneously referencing both sensibilities. Wallace's pieces include depictions of a woman loaded down with luggage, a homeless man pushing a shopping cart, and an assault in progress, as in "Mugging" (right).

On Friday, October 14, from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., the three galleries will host Lauri Love, a fundraiser for Lauri Lynnxe Murphy, who was forced to shut down her shop Pod recently, but not before tallying up some hefty debts. (Murphy's gallery, Capsule, is still up and running.) Admission to the sure-to-be-raucous event is five dollars at the door.

FORM & FICTION at Space, REMASTERED at DEN and The Modern Muybridge Series at KOUBOU a Deux all close on November 5.


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