Form Follows Fashion

When fashion crosses over into art, the subtle collision really hits on why we care about what we wear in the first place: It's an aesthetic choice we make every day that keeps us in touch with our creative innards. What happens when fashion designers cross over to become fine artists is pretty much the same process, a course explored with wonderful results in the exhibit Fashion as Art, presently on display through October 26 at Greenwood Village's Curtis Arts and Humanities Center, 2349 East Orchard Road, and featuring everything from the incredible appliquéd and embroidered wall hangings of Nancy Sedar Sherman to Arabella Tattershall's sculptural metal garden objects, which sometimes take on the form of a dress in airy cross-hatching or wavy ropes of steel.

Today only, enjoy both sides of the coin at the center's Tea and Fashions event spotlighting both wearable works and art for art's sake by Sherman, Tattershall and the exhibit's other four artists: Lynne Bruning, Jose Clark, Armando T. Guerra and Sumie Miyake. Sip and enjoy beginning at 1 p.m.; space is limited, so reservations are recommended. Call 303-797-1779.
Oct. 6-26, 2007


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