Four emerging artists put the "edgy" in Edge

The Edge Gallery is really living up to its name right now. Taking up the first member space is fox tales ft. 7 and marbles, an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink show by Estee Fox, who is a whirlwind of creativity. The artist has made videos, including one in which she convincingly pretends to be drunk; timed performances like the one centered on her disturbing, if imaginary, vaginal beauty regimen, representing the umpteenth wave of post-feminist sensibility; and some very nice works on paper that feature the figure. It is these works on paper, more than anything else, that reveal how talented she is.

In the other member space is David Sole's Fun With Paranoia, a changing installation that's kind of like a back yard, with the floor covered in fake grass and a bunch of vintage lawn chairs. The most striking feature is the ravaged wall that reads like a mural; it is reminiscent of Jean-Michel Basquiat's work in both color and sensibility.

Down a short corridor, in an associate space, is New Works by Harry Kleeman, which consists of sculptures and installation hybrids that are also sort of like paintings. In one, the artist has woven computer mice and cords into a serpentine shape painted blue. Next to it is a mesh bag of red seashells. Clearly one of Kleeman's strengths is his instinct as a colorist, and this show is a riot of bold shades.


Edge Gallery

In a second associate space is Questionable Experiments in the Pursuit of Something, which features a range of pieces by up-and-comer Daniel Nilsson. There are a number of standouts, notably the silvered Coke bottles and the fur-covered ladder. Also interesting are photos that document performances by Nilsson, including one where he is bathing in a pond with a mountain goat in the foreground. (Nilsson has scrawled on the wall that it's not Photoshopped.) But I was really struck by the "Untitled" light cube (detail pictured), which is sleek, like a Dan Flavin, but sloppy, which is not like a Flavin at all.

These four solos at Edge (3658 Navajo Street, 303-477-7173,, showcasing a quartet of notable emerging artists, close on February 24.


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