Free and Funny

With three comedy festivals lined up in four weeks, laughter conventions are becoming almost as common in the summer months here as music or ganja festivals. But none of them are as weird — or as free — as the Fine Gentleman’s Club’s Too Much Funstival.

"We wanted something big to end the summer with,” says FGC-er Nathan Lund of their three-day jamboree, which will combine bands, comedians and a bouncy castle together in one big Denver entertainment sandwich. “There are no tickets for Too Much Funstival. This year will be completely free to attend all events.”

Thanks to sponsors like Sexy Pizza, City, O’ City and Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, along with funds raised throughout the years at FGC shows, the members of this comedy quartet can allow the festival to continue to be a free gift to their hometown comedy community. Bands like Pizza Time, Tjutjuna, SAUNA and others will be joined by such local comedy purveyors as Hippie Man, Kevin O’Brien, the Grawlix and, naturally, the Fine Gentleman’s Club at venues all over town. There will also be free beer and food. Check out for more information.
Aug. 30-Sept. 1, 2013


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