Gamma Rays

Urban walls are the favored medium of Longmont street artist Gamma Acosta, ideal for creating murals that make you look twice — such as his now-famous Peyton Manning image on the side of the Monkey Barrel. “I like making murals outside, where the artwork can reach people,” he explains. “The reach of a canvas is a lot more limited.”

Even so, Acosta knows a gallery show can carry a certain cachet, and every once in a while he decides to put paint on canvas and throw an exhibition. Tonight, the former digs of Confluence Kayaks, 1615 Platte Street, will be the site of the pop-up Gamma Gallery Art Exhibit, a rare solo display of new work by Acosta, along with an appearance by the dramatic "Sandy Hook Tribute," one of his better-known Longmont street works. Though it once traveled to Arizona for a gallery show there, the portable mural has never been shown here formally.

The one-night-only show runs from 8 p.m. to midnight. Live music and food will be part of the mix, and weather permitting, Acosta might have guest artists do live painting, as well. But the exhibition is the main course, he says: “This is my first solo show in four years, and it might be four years before I do another.” Admission is free, and paintings and merchandise will be for sale; find information on the Facebook event page.
Sat., April 12, 8 p.m.-midnight, 2014


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