Geocities, we miss you. We want you back.

Our nostalgia for the Internet of old continues this week, as we have recently discovered the Geocities-izer, a way to make any website look and feel just like it used to. Simply put your URL of choice into the this world wide web throwback processor thingy and voilà -- Facebook can look like it would have in 1996, complete with slot machine-style flipping, flashy graphics and dancing baby GIFs.What's even cooler? Not only do you get the "look" of an http-forward-slash-foward-slash- colon-required website, you get the sound of it too. This is multi-sensory experience comes complete with randomly chosen Casio-style renditions of Sister Hazel's "All For You," Deep Blue Something's "Breakfast At Tiffany's," Alanis Morissette's "Ironic" and more mid-90s sort-of hits.

Aw, we miss that once-rampant comic sans font!
Aw, we miss that once-rampant comic sans font!

Now, if only our computer was still that giant, office-tan plastic thing that took up an entire an entire desk and had Leisure Suit Larry still installed on it. Whatever. On to our new crusade: saving comic sans!

Comic Sans from Sam and Anita on Vimeo.

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