Get Rolling
Christopher Smith

Get Rolling

SAT, 8/9

Dust off your spiffy bowling shoes and shine up your glittery bowling ball for the Art Mob Bowling Competition, a fundraiser for the Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver. "The arts are bonded together in a lot of ways, but we're also like mobsters vying for territory -- in a good way, of course," says MCA director Cydney Payton. "The bowling party is designed to bring the art community together and to celebrate the museum, all in the name of fun."

Arty bowlers can attempt strikes and spares tonight at 7 p.m. at Elitch Lanes, 3825 Tennyson Street. "We're going to try and beat the pants off each other," says Payton.

MCA has put together a team made up of staff members, volunteers and boardmembers; they expect some stiff competition from local galleries, including Cordell Taylor Gallery and Robischon Gallery. "I hear we've got some ringers with our interns," says tough-talking Payton. "But overall, I'm expecting to see a lot of gutter balls."

Payton hopes to make Art Mob Bowling an annual competition. "It's definitely a quirky party, but I think it's going to work, because people seem to love the idea," she says. "Hopefully, it'll become a cult-like occurrence for us." To help set the mood, DJ Patrick Todd Coletti will be spinning hip tunes.

Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door; bowling shoes can be rented for $2 per pair. For further details, call MCA at 303-298-7554.

"I think everyone is a closet bowler," says Payton. "And it's time to come out of the closet." -- Julie Dunn

Hoops, There It Is
Everyone gets a shot at 3on3
SAT, 8/9

Just as the Nuggets must fight for every scrap of attention in Denver's crowded athletic scene, traveling basketball -- in the form of a three-on-three tournament -- has to claw its way out from the shadows of another sport. But hoopsters are hardened here. So while the Colorado Rapids soccer club gets top billing at what's being called the World's Largest Tailgate Party, some 300 three-man basketball teams are expected to line up today in an Invesco Field parking lot to compete in the Hall of Fame 3on3 National Tour.

Teams are bracketed according to age and ability; all teams get to play at least three games before single eliminations begin tomorrow. And while there are some rule modifications -- no player can score from a ten-foot square zone under the basket, for example, and games are held to twenty points or thirty minutes -- it's undeniably roundball.

"Winners will be invited to play in a national tournament in September 2004," says Kina Miller, from sponsor Crestline Sports. But even without that lure, players are more than willing to plunk down $110 per team to shake and bake for glory. Forget other sports: They've got game.

For more information, log on to or call 303-948-7108. -- Ernie Tucker


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