Getting tRUNked

“What now?” is the question plaguing many parents whose tweens have graduated from kiddie theater but aren’t quite ready for long, “boring” grownup productions. Thankfully, Buntport Theater has the answer: tRUNks.

Featuring a cast of young actors and writers who still remember that age when they were too cool for the puppet shows but still didn’t quite get Shakespeare, tRUNks is playful and slapstick but never talks down to its audience. Each show is a chapter of a live comic book based on the exploits of high-school-aged off-kilter superheroes, including the bookish and excitable Trixie Truddfledt (Jessica Robblee), otherwise known as “The Germ,” who was stung on her bum by a radioactive mosquito and has the power to spread germs; Claire Clayborn (Rhaetia Hanscum), or “The Tounge Twister,” a popular girl who, because of a bite from a hyperactive parrot, can control other’s speech; and Walter “The Volt” Cosmic (Mitch Slevc), who has always been a superhero.

“It’s designed to be funny for the whole family,” says Robblee. “For the kids, there is action and color and goofiness, but we’ve also had parents who told us that our show made them laugh out loud.”

The episodes are based on audience suggestion and give kids who wouldn’t be caught dead at a sing-along a chance to interact with theater. Enjoy tRUNks today and every other Saturday through May 5 at 1 and 3 p.m. at Buntport, 717 Lipan Street; tickets are $3 to $5. For more information, call 720-946-1388 or visit
Every other Saturday, 1 & 3 p.m. Starts: Nov. 18. Continues through May 5


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