Give Me Munny

The Munny has no face, though it does boast some innate character. It's seven inches tall, comes in black, white or glow-in-the-dark, with or without accessories, and in the small world of limited-edition vinyl art toys, it's the ultimate invitation to decorate as you please.

Plastic Chapel, a toy nook at 8 West Ellsworth Avenue, and Capsule Gallery, 554 Santa Fe Drive, have put out a call for DIY amateurs hankering to do just that, and they've also invited a mob of local artists to submit entries for the Follow the Munny show, which opens June 9 at Capsule with music, an online auction and much hands-on hoopla. Don't hesitate: The deadline for entries is Wednesday, May 31; get an entry form, pay the $10 fee and buy your Munny at a discount at either location. You could become the lucky winner of what must be the Holy Grail of collectible toys, a signed Kozik Smorkin' Labbit figurine. Call 303-667-6246 or 303-623-3460.
March 1-May 31


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