Giving Arts the Business

It used to be that companies thought they'd done their bit for the arts when they slapped a couple of cheesy LeRoy Neiman prints on the wall, piped in Montovani and put an old copy of the New Yorker in the waiting room. But over the years, Colorado companies have come to realize that supporting the arts is simply good business — and the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts is a major reason for that. Local business leaders started the CBCA more than two decades ago; today, more than 120 metro companies are members. But you don't need to be a member to win!

"This is the 21st year CBCA is honoring organizations with Business for the Arts Awards," says Deborah Jordy, CBCA executive director. "There are so many excellent examples of innovative arts, cultural and business partnerships that our judges have a difficult time deciding the winners. There is increasingly more evidence that companies recognize the importance of creativity and innovation in the work that they do. We are proud to be able to showcase some of them through the awards process."

The first part of that process ends today, when nominations in four categories — philanthropy, innovation, workforce and workspace — are due at the CBCA by 5 p.m. To nominate a company (and now is no time to be shy), use the form at Nominees will later be asked to fill out an application that goes to the 2008 judging panel; winners will be announced at a March 20 CBCA luncheon (and no, LeRoy Neiman is not eligible). For information, call 303-292-5129.
Oct. 25-Nov. 12, 2007


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