Going Mental

Much like political ads and zombies in October, found-footage flicks are starting to get old, but now and then comes a twist that makes the trend relevant again — even the second time around. Just in time for the witching season, Grave Encounters 2, the second in a series of first-person horror films stitched together by the Vicious Brothers, Collin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz, picks up where Grave Encounters left off with a kind of self-referential joke-within-a-joke: A film student obsessed with the original film sets out to prove it a fake, and mayhem commences.

Grave Encounters was a unique indie entry in the nearing-its-capacity-for-creativity found-footage genre that went straight to DVD but managed to catch a lot of horror fans unawares and scare the pants off them,” says the Denver Film Society’s Keith Garcia. “In GE2, the original storyline — ghost-hunting television crew goes to a spooky abandoned hospital to find horrific things existing — gets a meta tweak as this chapter finds a curious group of ghost hunters going to the actual hospital where things were filmed to see if anything goes ‘Boo’ and document it themselves. And, boy, do they get more than they bargained for.”

The film shows tonight and tomorrow at 10 p.m. at the Denver FilmCenter, 2510 East Colfax Avenue, as part of the theater’s Watching Hour cult series hosted by Garcia, who says it’s just the thing for Halloween time: “This October might be lacking in the cinematic spooks, but GE2 has plenty of awesome scares and fun twists to take care of your bones.” Admission is $5 to $7; visit www.denverfilm.org/filmcenter.
Fri., Oct. 12, 10 p.m.; Sat., Oct. 13, 10 p.m., 2012


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