Going Potty

Harry and the Potters are touring the U.S. all summer, bringing their wizard rock to audiences that, in most cases, have never seen a live band. "We were just kind of impressed by the fact these books had inspired so many kids to get into reading, not just the Harry Potter books, but other books. We thought we could use that inspiration to get kids into rock and roll and get them out to see live shows," says Paul DeGeorge, who plays Year Seven Harry, while his brother, Joe, represents Year Four Harry. With two Potters combining forces, Paul promises a magical performance. Just imagine: "All four houses of Hogwarts combining with a whole bunch of Muggles for a party aimed at defeating evil with the twin powers of rock and love, and doing that in outer space while eating a million ice cream sundaes with all the toppings you want, with the lower half of your body encased in Jell-O." The spell will be cast today at 4 p.m. on the north lawn of the Denver Central Library, 10 West 14th Avenue Parkway, with special guests Draco and the Malfoys providing an evil counterpoint. Admission is free. Go to www.denverlibrary.org or call 720-865-1306 for more information; visit www.myspace.com/harryandthepotters to hear their music.


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