Great American Techo Festival

When it comes to hard, dark, pulsing techno, Droid Behavior is one of the best labels out there, and the Great American Techno Festival will fill your need for some gritty underground sounds this weekend. The main festival takes place Friday, September 13, through Sunday, September 15, at Skyline Park, Beta and NORAD (get tickets and more info at; an after-hours party will feature all Droid Behavior residents. Along with such illustrious names as Audio Injection, Raíz and Dean Paul, attendees will get to hear Droid Behavior co-founder Drumcell behind the decks. His work as a recording engineer and fascination with Native instruments gives him an extra dimension beyond the driving techno sound, so his longevity in the Los Angeles scene is no mystery. He's one of the artists keeping the techno genre alive and relevant in a scene where house, garage and dubstep have gained increasing popularity; when you hear his powerful sets that build and build, insistently drawing people to dance floors around the world (including at Berlin's illustrious Berghain), you'll understand why. Catch him at the GATF after-hours party at Would Shop II on Saturday, September 14.
Sat., Sept. 14, 2013


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