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Day of the Dead devotees will just die for Beads, Braids, Brows and Bones, an All Saints Day tribute to apparitions past and present, featuring ten local artists flaunting their Fridastyle.

This is the third year Studio Bead has hosted the haunting affair, which shines a light on art, culture and everything Frida Kahlo. "I think most women feel a really strong connection to Frida and can associate with her pain and the challenges she overcame in her life," says shopkeep Joy Barrett. "This show celebrates that spirit."

Soul-seekers can sip sangria and nibble on tamales while shopping the artists' lively home decor, jewelry, hand-painted chairs and altars. "Each artist grasps the concept of Day of the Dead in a completely unique way," notes Barrett, "and unibrows will be provided at the door."

The exhibit opens today and runs through November 11 at Studio Bead, 3180 Meade Street. Call 303-777-1813 or visit www.studiobead.com for more information.
Nov. 1-11, 2007


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