Robert Lecher dons his Stevie Nicks regalia.
Robert Lecher dons his Stevie Nicks regalia.

Hollywood Square

Robert Lecher says he was born in Spain and grew up in a small town of 5,000 somewhere in the Nebraska heartland before eventually landing here in Denver as a traveling "I Love Dancing Country" workshop instructor. "But my mind," he notes, "has always been in Hollywood and New York." And that's the key to really understanding him.

Lecher, a longtime local fixture known for his South Broadway costume store/Stevie Nicks shrine, Celebrity Vintage Clothing, floats a little higher off the ground than the rest of us. But he's a gentle soul nonetheless. "I've always been known for being the guy who's really good at making things available for others," Lecher explains. "And that's homemade, part of growing up in Nebraska among all those humble and beautiful spirits. You know, that Nebraska hospitality."

Granted, it's hard to get a handle on his mouthful of an event, the Celebrity Memorabilia International Festival and Celebrity Look-A-Like Festival, scheduled for this Saturday at the Denver Merchandise Mart. Even Lecher has a hard time talking about it. It may or may not include performances by celebrity look-alikes, but at the very least, festival attendees can expect a hall of memorabilia vendors from around the region and Lecher in a Nicks wig, teetering on six-inch platforms.


Celebrity Memorabilia International Festival and Celebrity Look-A-Like Festival

11 a.m.-9 p.m. Saturday, June 19, Denver Merchandise Mart Expo Hall, 451 East 58th Avenue, 303-778-2385, www.celebrityvintage.qpg. com

It's still all very mysterious: He'd rather tout his metaphysical book-to-be, Spiritual Survival: Affirmations of Beauty Living in the Light, a tome he claims he'll self-publish "soon," on the edge of a planetary renewal ending a twenty-year age of darkness. "I'm enchanted," Lecher claims. "My voice is the last man-made voice the world will hear from before renewal starts in January 2005. I'm resilient; I'm a natural ascender, the phoenix rising from the ashes. Who knows what's in store for me, Robert, to create next for all of you?

"I know it sounds a little grandiose," he adds. But he promises a good time anyway, at least as he's imagining it. And everyone is invited.

"When I promote something, I don't just promote on my block," he says. "I promote it to the universe."


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