I Want to Believe

If your DVR isn’t set for the X-Files, or if you’ve never watched a UFO program containing blurry photographs and retired Air Force colonels, then the UFOlympics is probably not your ideal weekend getaway. However, if the thought of little green men gets your blood pumping, then pack your tents and “I Want to Believe” T-shirts and head to the UFO Watchtower, 22.5 miles north of Hooper, for two days of sky-gazing and other-worldly lectures.

“The San Luis Valley is supposed to be the hot spot in the nation for UFO sightings,” says Judy Messoline, owner/operator of the Watchtower. “We’ve had 45 sightings from just the tower. I’m always grateful when there’s someone else there, because then I know I’m not hallucinating.” Speakers include the editor of Alternate Perceptions, Brent Raynes; Apache medicine woman Priscilla Wolf; “Generational Experiencer” Mary Munoz (she says her father and forefathers were all abducted); hypnotherapist and abductee Gloria Hawker, and Joe Fex of APE-X Research. Yesterday at dusk, Mr. M — aka Martin Barnett — led a workshop called “Psychic Self-Protection and Guided Mediation of Grounding with Gaia/Mother Earth.”

Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 at the gate, with a $10-per-night camping fee. For more information, go to www.ufowatchtower.com or call 1-719-378-2296.
Aug. 9-10, 2008


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