Inward and Out

Downtown Aurora Visual Arts — DAVA, for short — provides after-school and summer art workshops for children and teenagers ranging in age from three to seventeen. Practicing artists work with the students to create art based on particular themes — and this time, it’s who the kids are.

“This entire year at DAVA, we have been working with the subject of identity,” explains program manager Viviane Le Courtois, “encouraging the students to express themselves with art about themselves.” Self and Skin, an exhibit that explores the art of both individual and cultural identities, features the work of some of those young artists along with pieces by the professionals who taught them, including Cal Duran, Michael Brohman, Monique Crine and Terry Campbell. There are many self-portraits, as well as two big installations, one a wall of family trees made of clay.

The participating artists, both adults and children, will be at a reception from 4 to 8 p.m. today at DAVA, 1405 Florence Street in Aurora; the show runs through August 26. For more information, call 303-367-5886 or go to
July 15-Aug. 26, 2011


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