It’s a Small World

For years, the University of Colorado at Boulder’s First Person Cinema series has quietly presented work by some of the best experimental filmmakers in the nation, and this time out is no different. The first of the season’s single-filmmaker showcases focuses on New York-based media artist Denise Iris, who works on a small-world level in her cross-disciplinary works. Of special note is the opener: a compi-lation of what she calls “minimentals” — one-minute shorts for a mobile screen. “They’re cinematic haiku about aspects of every-day life, as seen through a poetic sensibility,” Iris explains. “My credo as an artist comes from the ‘minimental’ project; as an adjective, it’s like the opposite of ‘monumental.’ Things don’t have to be monumental. We should pay attention to the little things all around us.”

She’ll expand on this idea in another work, Dreams, Drooms, Dromes, filmed at the annual tribal Rainbow Gathering. Iris calls it a “trippy, playful series of portraits at the Gathering, where the human element of the event interfaces with the creatures in the forest.”

The First Person Cinema screening starts at 7 p.m. in Room 1B20 of the Visual Arts Center on the CU-Boulder campus; admission is $3 at the door. Visit for a full schedule.
Mon., Oct. 7, 2013


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