It’s Insane!

A couple of guys had a crazy dream, and it all came together in a bar in Orlando. “We wanted to do some kind of a race, and decided to do something with inflatables,” recalls Insane Inflatable 5K co-creator Stuart Kaul. “The more beers we had, the crazier the ideas became, and by the end of the night, our table was covered with sketches on bar napkins.” They took those ideas to an inflatables fabricator, and that was the beginning of the race, which brings a course of spectacular, monumental inflatable obstacles to cities across the U.S. this summer.

Denver is on that list, and the Insane Inflatable 5K will blow up at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, 6000 Victory Way in Commerce City, beginning at 9 a.m. today. The inflatables, which include a gigantic version of a funhouse ball room, a labyrinth, four-story-high slides and what might be the world’s largest bounce house, are placed about every quarter-mile along the course, and fun is the major objective. “The last thing we want is for this to be about competition,” Kaul says. “This is your chance to be a kid again on our insanely large obstacles. If you have no athletic ability, you can walk the course if you want, but if you’re an athlete, you can blaze though it.” Families are welcome (a miniature version of the course will be available for the kids), and it all ends with a party, food and music at the Insane Midway.

Race fees range from $68 to $85, depending on date of registration, but spectating is free. For details or to sign up in advance, go to
Sat., May 31, 9 a.m., 2014


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