It's No Stretch

Don't let the title throw you. The first annual Livestrong Yoga-thon is nothing crazy or contradictory, like, "I can hold my Downward Facing Dog longer than you, sucker!"

"There's nothing competitive about it," says Kevin Joseph of Event Savant. "It's kind of like, do whatever you want. It's more intended to just bring people together than a hard-core yoga session." Phew. I was getting stressed out just thinking about it. Now that I know it's just a relaxing day at the beautiful Sculptured House in Genesee, 24501 Ski Hill Drive, I say grab that yoga mat and head out for a relaxing day of…whatever you want, really.

The setup is very loosely structured, with four areas for yoga, three massage stations, three acres for hiking, an all-day buffet, full access to the Sculptured House, a post-yoga BBQ and a live auction. All proceeds benefit the Livestrong Organization. Tickets are $100. For more information or to purchase tickets, check out
Wed., May 16, 12-9 p.m.


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