Jersey Shore 3, Episode 5 recap: Ronnie, the broken man

Deena, smashing the salad tossing allegations.
Deena, smashing the salad tossing allegations.

Semi-memorable quotes:

"It's kind of frustrating when a girl has a protective uncle." - Vinny

"If he's giggling, game over." - Vinny

"Good thing I'm trained in the art of dodging a grenade" - Pauly D

"This isn't god. God isn't your ego." - Vinny

"Keep it classy? Are you serious?" - Roger (JWoww's bf)

"Happy hour, the happiest hour ever" - Ryder (Snooki's friend)

"It doesn't come up as 'stripper pole' on my credit card does it?" - Snooki

"My teeth and my mouth is too precious to go down that way." - Deena

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