Jump Around

It had been a rough week in my household, and my husband and I were more than ready to let off a little steam. It was time for Jump Street, the indoor trampoline park.

After being cautioned to stay away from the little kids' area, and after removing our shoes and stashing our belongings in a convenient cubby, we were ready to go —across the expanses of connected black trampolines until we found a strip that was relatively unused. And then we started to jump. A smile immediately spread across my face and stayed there. I jumped higher and higher, then moved closer to my bouncing partner; his perfectly timed leap launched me into the sky, and the perma-grin on his face was just as goofy as mine. We giggled and jumped, and jumped and giggled, until we were panting and sweating, finally forcing ourselves off for a water and rest break.

Jump Street’s newest location is at 10081 West Bowles Avenue in Littleton; the original trampoline warehouse is at 8225 North Valley Highway in Thornton. On Wednesdays, Jump Street offers discounted pricing, a dodgeball tournament and Jump Aerobics from 9 to 10 a.m. For a full list of prices and events, visit www.gotjump.com or call 303-339-3030.
Starts: Dec. 1. Daily, 2009


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