Just Peachy

Denver restaurants agree that Colorado produce and food products deserve the spotlight, especially now, at the height of the harvest season, when Palisade’s peaches are at their ripest, lamb and trout are abundant, and the corn ears of the Eastern Plains are at their sweetest. To that end, members of the Denver Independent Network of Restaurants will celebrate our finest local eats by offering special menus and events during Harvest Week, beginning today and continuing through September 12.

“This is a great event, not just because the eating-local movement is so popular, but because it also brings it to a more accessible level for everyone. Maybe you don’t have time to go to the farmers’ market every week, but it’s easy to go to your favorite restaurant and support local farmers that way,” notes spokeswoman Aubrey Cornelius. And you won’t be disappointed: Whether you dine on 60-Mile Breakfast Tacos (all ingredients from within sixty miles of Denver) and Colorado Corn Pancakes at Snooze, Colorado Fish and Chips and Biker Jim’s Cheesecake (flavored with Saint Bridget’s Porter, Stranahan’s whiskey and peach compote) at Jonesy’s EatBar or a Grilled Red Lettuce and Lamb Bacon salad at Table 6, it’s all going to be fresh and delicious.

Go local! For a complete list of participating restaurants, go to www.eatdenver.com.
Sept. 6-12, 2008


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