Kickin' It

Kickball may have an ironic hipster sheen in today's adult leagues, but at heart it's still the schoolyard game we all remember — even if the traditional after-game juice boxes have been replaced by cold beers.

Tonight at 7 p.m. at the hi-dive, 7 South Broadway, you can experience another familiar kickball tradition: picking teams. At the Denver Kickball Coalition Draft Party, twelve DKBC captains will choose their teams for the summer season, which starts up in May. Just as in grade school, you might get picked last, but according to Marc Hughes, DKBC director of communications, you will get picked. "This is an open invitation to the whole city to play. Even if they're horrible, they'll get picked."

Afterward, films by local filmmakers/kickballers the Locker Partners will screen, and Hughes will slide behind the turntables as DJ Postman for a post-pick dance party. For details, visit
Sun., April 6, 2008


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