Kid and Play

The joys of childhood meet experimental art — and cake will be enjoyed by all — at Cinema Jou Jou III, a fundraiser for TIE, The International Experimental Cinema Exposition. “Jou Jou is ‘little toy’ in French,” explains TIE curator Chris May. “The whole theme is childhood. We’re having cakes and a cake walk and that kind of stuff. It’s basically the juxtaposition between innocence and experience, and the perversity of childhood as well.”

The music of Ian Cooke, Mr. Pacman, Team Awesome! and the Castles will provide the evening’s soundtrack. Poet Eleni Sikelianos will read from her work and, because this is a TIE event, a number of experimental films will be screened, and several of the filmmakers will be on hand.

The event is hosted by the Dikeou Collection, located in the Colorado Building at 1615 California Street. Donations will be requested at the door and throughout the night. Visit for full details, or call 303-623-3001 with questions.
Sat., June 7, 6-10 p.m., 2008


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