Krazy Kollege Kids

Bongs, beers, Facebook and heartbreak. What is…me cowering in the corner of my dorm room freshman year? Nope, it's actually a couple of the issues covered in KollegeTV, the new "webisode" series premiering today at KollegeTV features online clips that run about two minutes. The first season (roughly 25 installments) follows a group of fictional students through the course of a college semester.

"The issues are the same," says co-creator and producer Peter Garrity about the college experience over the years. "There are just different ways people communicate."

KollegeTV is described as a mixture of Friends, Saturday Night Live and online series such as Prom Queen. The KollegeTV creators were drawn to the online format because there's no distribution pipeline to go through, and other online series have recently been successful.

Several of the main cast members are students at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the series is filmed in Boulder. The actors were found through auditions and by checking out local talent around town. Garrity plans to run three episodes a week and hopes the site does well enough to bring in advertisers. For more information and to see the episodes as they are posted, visit
Starts: Nov. 5. Daily, 2007


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