Linkalicious: What Cat's Reading on July 13

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Posh and Beck sizzle in W.
Posh and Beck sizzle in W.
Posh and Beck sizzle in W.

Here's the weekly roundup of what's hot in fashion this week. -- Cat

New York Times: Does a “trophy” wife make – or sink – a presidential campaign? Ask Law and Order’s Fred D. Thompson.

British Vogue: Emma Watson (aka Hermione Granger) signs with Kate Moss’s modeling agency. Will she be the next face of Chanel?

French Vogue: Behind the scenes at the Paris haute couture shows. The week in photos.

Upcoming Events

• Fashionista: Are you really a size 8? A look at sizing in fashion.

• Fashionista: It’s nice to know even models like Coco Rocha look akward in their prom photos.

• Flypaper: Their hotnesses Posh and Beck sizzle in W. With photos!

• Styledash: Condoms as clothing!

New York Times: Librarians can be young, sexy and hip. Who knew? (There is a cool young librarian in Denver at the Ford-Warren branch, 28th and High. She has a arm-band tattoo of books. Anyone know her?)

Seattle Times: Is your look blog ready? You never know who’s looking.

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