Manolo Blahniks 40% off -- in Vegas.

Linkalicious: What Cat’s Reading on June 22

The WSJ says Frye boots are back. But Fashionista responds and (wrongly) compares them to cowboy boots and says they’re already over. Note: Neither Frye nor cowboy boots are ever over.

• If you’ve got the money, get thee to Vegas. Manolo Blahnik sale at 40% off.

• The Devil Wears Prada defense doesn’t fly; Anna Wintour’s would-be murderer goes to jail.

New York Times: A passed out Lindsay Lohan causes American Apparel to sell out of gray hoodies. Oh my.

• More from the Times: Dog Runners -- not walkers -- are the new must-have accessory. Don’t tell Cat’s dogs.

• More Times: A lovely look at Grace Kelley and the Monaco family.

• And yet even more Times: A look inside Diane Von Furstenberg’s new digs on 14th Street in Manhattan. Why is this important? Because Cat used to live on 14th Street and there were no DVFs, La Perlas, gourmet grocers or anything else at that time. Just the truck driving school downstairs and the roach infested D’Agostinos (like Safeway). Much bitterness.

• Haven’t found the prefect white dress, yet? Time’s running out, but New York Magazine has a few suggestions.

• Are sunglasses the last affordable luxury? The International Herald Tribune answers.

• Are butterflies the new skulls? is betting on it.

• Ralph Lauren gives a whole new meaning to window shopping. Just touch the glass to order.


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