Look of the Day -- Swayback’s William Murphy

Look of the Day -- Swayback’s William Murphy

The very first Cat’s Pajamas blog I ever wrote was to voice my opposition to black jeans. As a rule, I am still very much opposed to black jeans. They’re awful. That’s my opinion and I’m entitled to that opinion. (And by “opinion,” I mean “statement of fact.” Black jeans are awful.)

HOWEVER!!! Rules are meant to be broken.

Swayback guitarist, William Murphy, proves that sexy rockstar types can pull off the black jeans with ease. Even more unbelievably, sexy rockstar types can pull off the skinny black jeans. No small accomplishment, indeed. But, then again, rockstars pull off lots of looks mere civilians could never think to wear.

Here we see Mr. Murphy demonstrating how to dress like an off-duty rockstar. You’ll need the skinny black jeans (guh), a black, deep-V-neck t-shirt to show off a well sculpted/well tatted chest, a pair of vintage, 1970’s Porsche sunglasses and an unknown soldier’s army shirt worn as a jacket despite the summer temperatures. To finish the look, liberally apply a hair product of your own choosing to create a wild, unkempt, “just-rolled-out-of-your-bed” do. Carry with you a vintage skateboard featuring a picture of Ozzy Osbourne, and you’re good to go.

William doesn’t know this, but my friend Gail and I call him “Billy Yum Yum” behind his back. Black jeans or not. Don’t tell him that, though. How embarrassing for us if he were to find out that we’re totally crushing on him, like a couple school girls. (Giggle, giggle.)

Check out Billy Yum-Yum and the rest of Swayback tomorrow evening as they rock Denver with 49 other local artists at the 14th annual Westword Music Showcase. For tickets, visit any Floyd’s Barbershop. Too lazy or hung-over to leave the house? You can also purchase tickets online, right here. Convenient, no?

-- Steven J. Burge


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