Love Stinks

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art curator Petra Sertic first became aware of the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb when a friend took her there a couple of years ago. Created by Croatian couple Olinka Vitica and Drazen Grubisic;, who, upon splitting up themselves, pondered what happens to personal mementos when a relationship ends, the museum collects and displays the detritus of love gone awry. “It’s a very emotional experience,” Sertic recalls. “It’s both touching and funny. It runs the whole gamut of human emotions.”

After later learning that the museum has mounted satellite exhibits all over the world, Sertic brought one to BMoCA. “It’s very universal,” she notes. “The exhibit works wherever they take it. And there’s also a local aspect wherever it goes. By opening up the donation process to the community, it will always have some kind of local flair. So it’s also very specific to place, and it can be super-personal.”

Interested by just that community facet of such an exhibit — a call was sent out to Boulderites for cast-off mementos that will eventually make the trip back to Zagreb and become part of the central collection — Sertic will offer a bittersweet look at relationships past their prime when Museum of Broken Relationships opens tomorrow (Valentine’s Day!) at BMoCA. “It’s an absolutely critical aspect of the exhibit that the content is curated by those who participate in it,” she says. “It’s very interactive and participatory, both for the people who contribute and for those who come and see the show and are touched by it. In a way, it reinvents the whole idea of how one creates an exhibition.”

But in the meantime, you can get a handle on what that all means when Vitica and Grubisic; speak at 6:30 p.m. tonight at the Art Students League of Denver, 200 Grant Street. Admission is $5 (free for ASLD and BMoCA members). For information on the exhibit, which continues through May 26, and associated events, visit or call 303-443-2122.
Tuesdays-Sundays, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Starts: Feb. 13. Continues through May 26, 2013


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