Magic in the Mountains

The story of how world-class violinist MinTze Wu, who’s delicately wielded her instrument to play classical and folk fiddle music from her native Taiwan to the wild shores of Newfoundland, ended up living in Lyons a couple of years ago must be a whopper. But more important is what she’s done with her time here. In addition to performing with the Boulder Chamber Orchestra, she’s made a commitment to spreading diversity in music by staging the first Sounds of Lyons music festival, an event that freely combines genres and pushes any stodgy misconceptions right out of town.

“Creating this festival is like playing with clay,” Wu explains. “I can mold it into any shape I like, and I’m immersed in that atmosphere of wanting to create something new and different.” To that end, the weekend mini-festival kicks off at 8 p.m. May 30 at Rogers Hall, Fourth and High streets, with a performance of Death of a Pugilist, Wu’s musical drama that’s based on a story about a longshoreman-turned-boxer by author Daniel Mason, and features snippets of everything from traditional blues to Philip Glass. A more formal string quartet concert, Sforzando & Dolce, follows at 4 p.m. Sunday at Lyons Community Church, 350 Main Street, with Passage, a concert set off by the old/new juxtaposition of a string quartet and an cappella choir, wrapping things up at 8 p.m. Sunday at the Planet Bluegrass Wildflower Pavilion.

Admission to Sounds of Lyons is $15 per concert or $35 for an all-inclusive pass; there’s also a $50 sponsor level pass. Go to for information and tickets.
May 30-31, 2009


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